How do I change your mind?

The truth is I can’t really change your mind.  Not by my own will or might.  I can talk, preach, encourage, pray, plead, argue until I’m blue in the face and you might not still see my side of things or willing to consider what I’m saying.  But it’s up to you to decide if you’re willing to consider seeing or changing your line of thought, even agreeing to my point of view(s).  I want my designs to speak, convince, and argue for me.  I’m not reinventing the structure of clothing, constructing something that has never been developed before since the beginning of human existence.  Or becoming known as a “trailblazer” like many designer before me, past and present.  But I want the person that wears or decorate their house with my designs inspire to see beyond outward appearances and find/see something special within themselves.

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