Speak Life…

What do our words mean or do? It has been said that “Actions speak louder than words”. But I’ve come to the realization that words also can create positive or negative affects (both present and future), change lives for better or worse. Words can speak as loud as ‘actions’, even louder. They can build or tear down. They can instill hope as well as fear. They can uplift you or they can demean you. There is power in the tongue as an apostle says (from the Bible). Just imagine if we just spoke words of life to each other,”you’re beautiful, awesome, wonderful individual, sweet, kind, thoughtful, thank you” and not slander, scream, rant, cuss out the person that made you mad or upset, viciously attack a person’s character or beliefs, refrain from calling someone dumb or stupid. How much more will someone that might not think their life is worth much find the value of life through just words alone. For both the giver and receiver.

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