Stability to unstable to unstoppable

What holds you back from pursuing your dreams? What keeps you in a place where you might feel stable and secure, yet unfulfilled. What keeps you up at night? The could of, would of? Should ofs? What makes you smile even if you’re in a situation/place that really doesn’t. What if you stop doing what you’re doing right now and consider your life. Your job, your goals in life, your passion, your beliefs, your setbacks, your failures, your comeback, your dreams. All these things can make your head spin. Just like it did mine. But now I find myself rethinking my life goals, calling, to come to terms that if I truly want to feel happy (inside and out) I had to let go of what was considered stable (steady income, benefits), become unstable after making a decision that impacts that stability (in which fear, doubt, anxiety sets in). But push through and become unstoppable (by my faith and trust in God that is directing this path I’m own that won’t make sense to others…only to those who did it themselves). So I press on….

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