Billy Ireland Cartoon Museum

Who would of thought that cartoon/comic strips would have their own museum?😳. Well a guy by the name of Billy Ireland (a cartoonist for a newspaper) did in the 1930s. He thought that the history of cartoon/ illustrations should be preserved and kept in a facility so that all people from all walks of life can enjoy and be inspired.

The cartoon museum has cartoons (newspapers clippings, artist/ animation renderings, etc.) dating even far back to the 1800s:

Every single detail is hand drawn.

They even store (all such work in a tight, heavily guarded room that Tom Cruise (think Mission Impossible) would have trouble breaking into unnoticed) works from different counties:

From Japan. A children’s comic strip that was inserted into the newspaper. It was actually a board game. A different one done by different artists.

All donated by people who know and recognize the dedication of the museum to preserve, what once observed as “disposable form of art” now is invaluable to the preservation of our and other’s history.

Rough sketch of Mickey Mouse

The creation of Peter Pan.

A scrapbook from a family donated to the museum. Some clippings dated back to the 1800s.
The famous comic strip Calvin and Hobbs

Blondie comic strip
Charlie Brown in its early stage.

Shows that every famous/popular loved-by-many cartoon comic strip didn’t start off exactly as u see it in the present. But with determination and dedication and patience visions can give birth to something extraordinary ( it was shared that Charles Schultz had a condition that caused uncontrollable shakes).

Not the scale you imagined
The dawn of graphic novel/comic strips

No computers used here

Comic strip newspaper printing in its glory days.

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