Final critique for the semester…woohoo!!

So got through with my final seminar critique of my 1st year! I’m so happy. I’ve come a long way of mentally developing a brand to actually creating it. Looking forward to continuing to keeping the momentum. Shout out to my professors for pushing me out of my comfort zone and the support of my family and friends that believed in my dreams and never stopped when I felt like abandoning them. Thanks be to God for the many miracles, prayers, and the strength to push me beyond my small faith so “that I can move mountains”.

My print on fabric

4 yards of my design printed on fabric printer at school. Brought home to add fixative (solution) to it while fabric was in a tub of cold water, agitate it for a couple minutes to ensure ink is set. Then laid it out to dry overnight. Quite a strenuous fete but happy with the results. Will make pillows and reupholster the side of a coffee table for my small exhibition.

Awesome Night

Had a great night talking and showing my designs to the public at CCAD (Columbus College of Art & Design). Even got feedback on the designs, if they were actual merchandise, would’ve been purchased right on the spot.

End is here, but another Chapter awaits…

I have come to the end of another chapter in my quest to resurrect the artist in me that I lost years ago. I’m so grateful for the opportunity at CCAD (Columbus College of Art and Design), giving me the motivation and critical feedback I needed to step out of the restrictive “box” I found myself in to find that creative person that disappeared inside of it.

It has been, indeed, a roller coaster of a year for me, but nothing truly rewarding comes from being stagnant and complacent, waiting for things to happen. So here’s to the end of this chapter’s journey of discovery and on to the next exciting chapter. To be continued…